Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    This may be somewhat old news, but it was a shocking revelation for me. According to the LA Times online site, Disney passed on making a sequel to the highly successful romantic comedy The Proposal. I felt my world turn upside down as I read this article. Where is the Hollywood I know and love(hate)? Normally, once a movie turns over one cent of profit studio executives begin salivating uncontrollably with thoughts of a sequel. They descend on fresh intellectual property like a pack of ravenous wolves hunting down Lisa Lampanelli through the woods. Every last morsel of creativity is devoured until nothing is left but scraps and made-for-TV movie spin-offs. Not to mention The Proposal, starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, made over $300 million! I figured this decision by Disney would send waves of panic through the entire industry. I could just picture some studio executive hearing the news, beginning to hyperventilate, and then diving out a fourth-floor window.

   But yesterday I read an article which put everything back in perspective. Apparently Disney is bringing the Bullock/Reynolds team back. This time for a different romantic comedy to be penned by the writer of The Proposal. It's going to be an action comedy involving an FBI agent (Reynolds) escorting a criminal (Bullock) to jail. They end up getting ambushed along the way and have to go on the run. This may sound similar to The Bounty Hunter, mostly because it's basically the exact same thing. Yet originality aside, this is definitely one of your average Hollywood moves. Pay $1 million up front for a screenplay that hasn't been written yet and one that's specifically designed to cash in on the popularity of a mediocre comedy. After reading this article I felt the world slowly returning to normal. Hollywood hadn't changed the slightest. And I was actually kind of glad.

Side note: It really says something that Bullock, coming off an Oscar win, has agreed to star in her next movie before actually reading the script.


Olive said...

Wow, when I read the first part of your article, I can understand your surprise, as I was shocked too!
What is the world coming to? Am happy to see that all is still well and that Hollywood is still Hollywood.

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